20-01-18 Temple Newsam

This afternoon I took my son to Temple Newsam for a mooch around accompanied by family. Crazy dog walking day for a load of people!

It interested me how many people of different ages looked at the Spark with utter bewilderment.

I remember not long ago getting funny looks for having a pro DSLR around my neck, Proof that drone technology is still very new and alien to most people.

Kirkstall Abbey

First it’s always wise to fire up the UAV forecast app to ensure conditions are favourable.

After this I consulted Google maps and drew a line from Leeds Bradford Airport to Kirkstall Abbey using the measure distance ruler and noticed that it was within the restricted D airspace 5 mile radius

I called the airport and advised them of when I was flying, for how long and at what height. I was reliably informed that  one passenger flight that was likely to be in the area at the same time as me, and provided I stay at a reasonable altitude there shouldn’t be any issues. Looking at my flight log I went no higher than 104ft for the duration of my flight which was roughly the same height as the Abbey Itself

New Instagram post

This photo was taken early into the first few days of owning the DJI Spark. I had not explored all of the photographic options and was really happy to just be flying around and getting a feel for the drone. 

It didn’t take long. I decide minutes into this flight that this was going to be a regular occurrence for me. I made a few video clips using Tripod mode to slow down the movement through the trees and took the spark low to the ground to capture the fallen leaves in all their glory. 

That evening i upgraded my Adobe package to include premier and after effects! Literally hours of fun have been spent since then creating.


Dji Spark Filters issue! 

Hey folks…

Quick piece of advice if you have bought any of these kind of filters…

…and like to do the mini world panoramas. Like this…

…If you have one attached, and trigger the pano mode from the icon that looks like this 🌐 it will prevent the camera from achieving its required gimbal rotation angles and thereby display an error message along the lines of “panorama capture failed”

I found this out the hard way and missed a really great shot at the time. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I had done wrong,then noticed that the filter restricts the gimbals pitch axis.


Taking the filter off returned functionality.

Hope this helps! Happy piloting!